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Since the third grade, when I wrote an eighty-page fantasy book that was a little too similar to "The Lord of the Rings," I've always had the impulse to tell stories. But it wasn't until high school, when I wrote two novellas, that I truly considered myself a writer.

In college, I honed my skills working with award-winning author Mary Morris, and began work on my first full-fledged novel, "In Another Life," a multi-perspective literary thriller centered around the ivory trade and, most predominantly, a group of anti-poaching rangers in West Africa. Like HBO’s "The Wire," but set in West Africa, "In Another Life" explores an expansive world, one in which rangers and their families, police officers, poachers, and politicians are forced to make difficult decisions every day, decisions that have far-reaching consequences for their communities, the environment, animals, and the world at large. It is a tale about how we are far more connected than we think, and how, although badness begets badness, the good in the world gives rise to more good. It is currently being considered by several top literary agencies.  

I have also begun work on a literary thriller set against the backdrop of the Cuban Revolution. The lives of a brother and sister working as M-26-7 agents in Santiago, a conflicted police officer enforcing Batista's brutal rule in Havana, and a young woman in Castro's group of rebels in the Sierra Maestra mountains collide in this tale of nationalism, love, loss, and hope. 

Check out Part I (of VIII parts) of "In Another Life" by clicking on the photo below. The full novel is available upon request. 

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A Novel by Sam Daniel

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