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I've written three feature screenplays, "Born Again," "In the Valley of Darkness," and "Broken Love." 

In "Born Again," a closeted teen, Braylon, and his father, Joel, a former thug in the Irish Mob, are desperate to hide their secrets, but when Braylon begins digging into his father’s past, their quiet life is disrupted by a danger neither could've foreseen.   

In "In the Valley of Darkness," when fourteen-year-old Paola accidentally kills the local drug kingpin's younger brother, a mysterious young man named Tom, dying of cancer and with his own criminal past, takes her on the run, sparking an unlikely alliance that sends them down a path of discovery and possible redemption.   

In "Broken Love," an escaped convict, Ethan, returns to his hometown in Upstate New York to recover the money he hid before his capture and to flee to Canada with his girlfriend and young daughter. He returns, however, to find that two local thugs are after his money and that his girlfriend is now with his childhood best friend, who is also the policeman in charge of his recapture.  

Check out excerpts from each by clicking on the photos below. The full scripts are available upon request. 



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